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February 23, 2024 

HB 1304 Makes Collective Bargaining Optional!! 


HB 1304  Education matters. The bill requires much of the Department of Ed.  For us, the most egregious part of this bill that we MUST address concerns a school (traditional or charter) that participates in a Mastery Based Education Program (language begins on page 8 of the bill). If a district is participating, the administration can OPT OUT OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING.  The bill passed out of committee 10-2 with Senators Hunley and Qaddoura opposing. 


We must work hard on this. 

  • As the bill moves to the senate floor for second reading and more amendments, contact your senator (find yours).  Tell them this language must come out of HB 1304.  Have your friends and family write their senators, too. 

  • Write an op-ed piece and get it to your local newspaper. 

  • Be at the Statehouse – en masse –Tuesday, February 27th. Bring your signs, talk to your legislators, especially your senator. 



Education Committees this Week 


And Other Bill Heard in Senate Ed 

HB 1001 EDUCATION AND HIGHER EDUCATION MATTERS Bill is still in Senate Ed.  The bill supports much regarding CTE. Amendment #25 determines whether a driver’s license is a prerequisite and also changes reporting requirements.  It passed.  The bill passed as amended 7-4. 


HB 1002 Enforcement of equal educational opportunity.  This bill has been called the “antisemitism” bill.  As introduced it acknowledged only antisemitic attacks.  It was amended in to include the word “religion” thereby providing the same protection to all religious beliefs.  The bill passed 12-0. 


HB 1137  Civics education and instruction. The bill was amended and now takes out parts of the civics language   Additionally it allows a chaplain to volunteer to be hired at a school, but it is a local decision.  Proponents of public education, including AFT Indiana, opposed the bill that includes mandatory release of students for religious education.  Two hours a week could negatively affect instruction and learning. The bill passed 9-4. 


HB 1243  Various education and workforce related matters.  This 92 page bill had several amendments.  The bill now allows transportation funding for certain educational programs, extends a high school equivalency pilot program, requires certain data to be compiled regarding workforce information, adds more people to the 62 percent calculation regarding teacher pay and allows schools more flexibility.  

Additionally, it calls for school counselors to be relieved of certain clerical work providing more time dedicated to direct student services.  Finally, schools may cancel instruction for the solar eclipse. The bill passed 8-5 and was sent to Appropriations. 


HB 1380 VARIOUS EDUCATION MATTERS Bill remains in committee. Likely to have action at the Feb. 21 meeting. The bill contains several components.  AFT Indiana opposes the bill mainly for two reasons.  One is that it provides for charter schools to create a charter school corporation.  This only adds another layer of darkness in school management and public input. And secondly, the burden of proof is shifted to the school from the beginning.  That means schools will have to pay more when parents of special needs children file a complaint. Federal law guides many special ed practices, not the local school. Currently the burden of proof falls on the party who is bringing the complaint – the parents in most cases. 


In House Ed 


SB 8  Higher education matters. Bill passed as amended 9-0. 

Over 200 schools now par cipate in College Core · Want it to be all schools · Bill passed Senate 48-0 · Bill also tells four-year state universi es to study offering associate degrees and three year degrees · Want to keep this bill clean and keep it moving 


SB 48  State institutional education information. Bill passed 12-0 


SB 202 State educational institution matters. The bill was held without vote.  It could be on the Feb. 21 agenda for amendments and vote.  Or not.  The bill would control the tenure process in higher ed faculties.  Of the 34 who testified, 34 opposed the bill claiming it would negatively impact freedom of speech and academic freedom. While this may not have a direct effect on today’s teachers, it will impact the next generations. 


SB 211  Various education matters. Bill passed as amended 12-0  

Supports civics seal language · Support disrup ve student amendment to give teachers protec ons in classroom · Support internet challenges and safey change · Only problem is the charter school corpora on language · Incident with virtual charters not too long ago now under federal indictment · Missing addi onal transparency and accountability for those schools · Suggest already have charter school operators · Seems analogous to what trying to do with charter school corpora on language 


SB 212 Various education matters.   Among other “matters,” the bill provides that the public meeting that must be held before a contract for employment is entered into by a governing body and a school superintendent may take place at a regular or special meeting of the governing body and does not have to happen at least seven days before the contract is entered into.  

Bill passed as amended 11-0 


SB 282  Absenteeism and school attendance.  The bill addresses several topics.  It amends the duties of an attendance officer and the state attendance officer. It also requires the governing authority of a school corporation, charter school, and nonpublic school that has at least one employee to establish a truancy prevention policy regarding certain students in kindergarten through grade 6. It urges the legislative council to assign to the appropriate interim study committee the task of studying certain matters concerning absenteeism. The amendments to the bill since it was in the House make the bill better.  Chairman Behning held the bill saying there will several amendments next week. 


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  • February 27 – Day of Action at the Statehouse. See lead article. 

  • March 9 (NEW DATE)– Presidents Council – Holiday Inn City Centre, Lafayette, Indiana.      

  • May 3 and 4 – Annual AFT Indiana Convention, Hammond, Indiana. 

  • May 7 – Primary Elections 

  • May 8 – begin working to get supporters elected in November. 

  • November 5 – General Elections 


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