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Capitol Insider

Capitol Insider

February 17, 2017



            First let me remind you that the session is almost half way through.  That means nothing is in concrete yet.  We do have some reason to celebrate!

            Remember SB534 Special Ed Scholarship Account (a.k.a. Ed Savings Accounts –ESA – a.k.a. vouchers)?  The bill was in Senate Ed this week.  Chairman Kruse announced at the beginning of the hearing that the bill would not move.  If people wanted to testify, he’d hear that, but no vote would be taken.  Thank you, Sen. Kruse.

            Then there was the anti-union bill that would have required union membership percent be posted on the IEERB web page and if membership were less than 51%, IEERB was to provide training on how to disaffiliate.  Well, SB407 was voted down in the same Sen. Ed committee.

            House Speaker Bosma announced that the session will end one week earlier (April 21 maybe) since a large convention is coming to Indy and all hotel rooms are taken.  That news is a mixed bag.  In what already seems like a marathon session, speed will pick up to meet the earlier deadline – but it will be over earlier!