ALEC Annual Meeting in Indy

Join us to protest ALEC in Indy at the South lawn of the State House at 3:30 on the Wednesday, July 27th at 3:30 est.

Help End the Corporate Corruption Through ALEC; Global Corporations Are Scheming to Rewrite YOUR Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue

Here is a great video on how ALEC works to undermine the will of the people.



Hoosier Education Wire


A panel in charge of recommending a new state standardized test for students remains divided on a replacement for the ISTEP exam. State Superintendent Glenda Ritz wants Indiana to use computer-based tests with questions that adapt to students' skill levels in order to give teachers a better understanding of what individuals know, the Indianapolis Star reported. But some panelists, appointed by Gov. Mike Pence, say Indiana should keep a single pass/fail exam and potentially offer additional tests that measure students' progress.

An Announcement from the Indiana Democratic Party

IDP Announces New Website
Website will direct Americans and national media to Mike Pence’s most-telling interview as Indiana’s governor
INDIANAPOLIS – With Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s new VP nominee, the Indiana Democratic Party today announced, a new website that directs Americans and national media to Pence’s most well-known interview as Indiana’s governor.
“For Americans who are seeing Mike Pence for the first time, it’s worth reminding them about the interview that really defines just the kind of governor and politician he is. Mike Pence can’t ‘Oh, George’ his way out of interviews if he truly wants to be vice president,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “The fact is, Gov. Pence is an ideologue who prioritizes his out-of-touch political agenda – including the embarrassing RFRA – ahead of the state’s well-being and economy 100% of the time.”
What else do Americans and national media need to know about Mike Pence? Well, take a look below and see for yourself.

Michigan Legislature lashes out at Detroit schools

The Michigan House of Representatives, ignoring fierce opposition from the Democratic minority, passed a dead-of-night financial aid package for Detroit Public Schools that had been twisted into a partisan screed against Detroit teachers and school employees.


How the teacher shortage could turn into a crisis

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT President Randi Weingarten writes about the looming teacher shortage our public schools face and how we can address the challenge before it turns into a crisis.