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Help us keep our tax dollars in our counties!

Did you know that each Indiana county is losing approximately 1 million dollars in public school funding towards private school voucher programs each school year ? Your local tax dollars are taken from your community and moved to other areas of the state to fund private schools.  We cannot allow the expansion of this program and we cannot allow this to continue to deplete our public schools. Help keep your local taxes local and say no to private school voucher expansion. 

Fill out the petition to let your lawmakers know that you DO NOT SUPPORT the voucher expansion! 

School voucher programs, which provide public funds for parents to pay for their children's private or religious school tuition, have been a subject of debate among policymakers, educators, and parents. While supporters argue that vouchers can provide more educational options and improve academic outcomes for students, opponents point out several potential negatives of school voucher programs:

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  1. Diversion of public funds: Critics argue that vouchers divert public funds from public schools, which may already be struggling with underfunding, and direct them to private or religious schools.
  2. Reduced accountability: Private schools may not be held to the same standards of accountability as public schools, which can create a lack of transparency and accountability for the use of public funds.
  3. Potential for discrimination: Private schools may be allowed to discriminate based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other factors, which may violate principles of equal access and nondiscrimination.
  4. Segregation: Critics argue that school voucher programs can exacerbate segregation by enabling families with means to opt-out of public schools, leaving behind students who cannot afford to attend private schools.
  5. Limited impact: Some studies have found that voucher programs may not significantly improve academic outcomes, and in some cases, may even have a negative impact on student achievement.
  6. School Vouchers: There Is No Upside

Keep Our Tax Dollars in Our Communities. #SayNoToVoucherExpansionDeny School Voucher Expansion. It Will Defund, Destablize, Deprive Our Public Schools.  

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