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Please Contact Gov. Holcomb to VETO SB 407 It's an ALEC Bill

Your action is needed to ask Governor Holcomb to VETO SB 407

Governor Holcomb:
  • I am requesting that you veto SB 407.
  • Anyone wanting to know membership percentages need only call the Superintendent’s office.
  • Teachers who are interested in making a change in personal or district-wide union affiliation get that information already from the Attorney General every year.
  • It’s time to stop attacking public school teachers and their unions.
  • Work with us not against us.
Contact information and link below.

Thank you.



HISTORY OF THE BILL: SB 407 is an anti-union bill from ALEC that would force locals to have membership percentage data posted on the state’s IEERB website. Furthermore, if that percentage drops below 50%, it would require IEERB to notify teachers that they could have the entire local opt out of having a union or to change affiliations among other provisions. AFT Indiana has fought this bill the entire session. First by asking the author to not hear the bill. Once in Senate Ed, the Chairman declared it “failed” on a 5-5 vote then he called it back the next week!! Bill passed when an absent member voted yes and another member changed his vote from no to yes. We fought it in the House when we were told the sponsor would hold the bill so we could try to get amendments. But he called the bill before the non-responsive author returned one of the many calls and email contacts I’d made. The bill has passed and is on its way to the Governor’s desk. I have written the Governor and met with his staff to ask that he veto the measure. I have no assurance other than the staff will discuss our concerns with the Governor. What we need now is for you to express your concerns to him as well.
Email Governor Holcomb via his web mail:
Make a phone call and leave a message: