Budget Proposal Reflects Investment in Education

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Budget Proposal Reflects Investment in Education “Thanks to the advocacy and engagement of AFT Indiana members across the state, Indiana legislators have proposed a budget that invests in public education,” said GlenEva Dunham, President of AFT Indiana. “Our members have worked hard and long advocating for public school funding that provides for student needs as well as increases to our lagging teacher salaries,” she continued. The Governor and legislative leaders made the announcement Tuesday. AFT Indiana is grateful to legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, who worked and compromised to provide this level of funding. The terms of this budget are yet to be totally revealed and understood. We know that districts are urged to have a starting salary of $40,000, and must use 45% of the tuition support for salaries. The budget proposal includes funding based on the Governor’s teacher pay commission report. Teachers will begin bargaining based on the new budget later this summer. Summing up her thoughts, Dunham reminds us, “For this to happen, teachers, school administrators, school boards, parents and communities worked together to get these results. As it goes, it takes a village.”